Research Reports

Below are reports that were written by Project IDEAL Support Center (IDEAL is now a project based at the EdTech Center at World Education, Inc.) staff on specific research and evaluation projects. To download a report, click on the title.

New Models for Distance Classes in Adult Education (2015)
This report describes the innovations of a number of distance teachers who have identified a number of online tools that promise to better meet the needs of learners than the typical commercial curriculum package.  The report provides classroom models that should be useful for training distance educators. 

The Missouri Distance Learning Mentoring Program. An Evaluation Prepared by The Project IDEAL Support Center (2005)
Reports on the pilot efforts of Missouri to implement a mentoring program to support the professional development of distance teachers working with adult learners.

Measuring the Motivation and Strategy Use of GED Students in Distance Education Programs (2005) 
Summarizes a pilot study done to evaluate the methodology and psychometric properties of an on-line instrument for assessing motivation and strategy use among GED students studying at a distance.

Adult Education in Non-Classroom Settings. A Pilot Test in Pennsylvania, Phase II: October 2001– June 2002 
Reports on Pennsylvania's second phase—and expansion—of their pilot test of distance learning. 

Pennsylvania's Distance Learning Project 2004-2005 
Presents findings from telephone focus groups conducted with various stakeholders in Pennsylvania's multi-faced approach to offering distance learning:  students, centralized teaching agency teachers, provider agency teachers, provider agency administrators and referring agency contacts.