Why Join

Learn about what the IDEAL Consortium can do to help make your state's vision of blended or distance learning a reality

  • Getting started. We work with you to figure out your needs, examine your resources and assist you in designing a blended or distance learning program to meet those needs.
  • Supporting professional development efforts. We train your state staff to facilitate the online professional courses we have created and assist in the training of your new distance education professionals.
  • Offering ongoing support. We stay in close touch with state staff and provide suggestions for program improvement.
  • Evaluating efforts and learning from experience. We offer assistance in developing an evaluation plan for your blended or distance learning program. We also provide examples of tools for assessing student and program performance.
  • Planning for next steps. We help you make the transition from pilot to mature, statewide distance learning program through assistance with planning, training and identifying best practices.