Available Curricula*

Good curriculum selection can make the difference between success and failure for distance learners

Below is a sample of commercially available curricula that were either developed for or can be adapted for distance or blended education. This list is not intended to be comprehensive. Teachers and programs should carefully examine the content, pedagogy and delivery systems of a curriculum in terms of distance student needs before purchasing.

Career Readiness/Workplace Distance Curricula  

ABE/GED® Distance Curricula

HiSET Publishers
GED® Publisher Program

ESOL Distance Curricula

Burlington English
Connect with English
Edusoft’s English For Specific Purposes
EASY: English Academic Success for You
ELLIS Academic
English Discoveries Online
English Interactive
English Talk Shop
Reading Horizons
Rosetta Stone

Career Readiness/Workplace Distance Curricula

Essential Education
Burlington English
Career Ready 101
Workplace Essential Skills


*Disclaimer: The IDEAL Consortium does not endorse any commercially or state-developed curricula.  Our member services include helping states determine which types of curricula to use in their distance programs and how best to support distance teachers and students in utilizing those curricular materials. Product developers and sales representatives should contact states directly regarding purchase and use of their materials.